Pronunciation of 짧게 and 짧네

There’s a filler show on Arirang Radio right before Jae Min Park’s “Catch The Wave” which teaches simple Korean expressions called “Korean Quilt” – on 17:55 Korea time, if you listen to it using the software Maru (only the audio mode, not the visual one). It’s only 2 minutes long. I like it and try to listen to it every day.

Today’s expressions were “짧게 깎아 주세요.” and “짧게 잘라 주세요.” Both mean ‘please cut it short’ and you can use them at a hair salon.

짧다 pronunciation [짤따] = short

The two hosts of Korean Quilt -Anna and Richard- pronounced 짧게 as [짧께] [jjalp-kke] with clear ㅂ sound. I thought: why did they pronounce both consonants ㄹㅂ of 짧, not just one, the ㄹ or the ㅂ ? So I googled and found this tweet by 국립국어원 (National Institute of the Korean Language).

‘짧게’의 표준 발음은 [짤께]입니다. #발음 RT ‘짧게 합시다.’ 할 때 발음이 [짤께]가 맞아요, [짭께]가 맞아요?

When you pronounce ‘짧게 합시다.’ (Let’s make it short.), which one is correct: [짤께] or [짭께]? [jjal-kke] or [jjap-kke]?

The standard pronunciation of ‘짧게’ is [짤께][jjal-kke].


Diary of Dana in Korea, Hawoo Publishing

It reminded me that I found ‘너무 짧네’ (‘It’s too short.’) in the comic book Diary of Dana in Korea, and I heard from the mp3 files that the voice actor pronounced ‘짧네’ as [짤네][jjal-ne]. I thought it was weird. Don’t they usually pronounce just one sound, just the ㄹ or just the ㄴ, but not both?

And so I googled again and found this tweet, also by 국립국어원:

‘짧네’의 표준 발음은 [짤레]입니다. #발음 RT ‘짧네’ 발음은 [짤네] 맞아요?

Is the correct pronunciation of ‘짧네 is [짤네][jjal-ne]?

The standard pronunciation of ‘짧네’ is [짤레][jjal-le].

So I assume that maybe how Korean people really pronounce ‘짧네’ and ‘짧게’ in real life is slightly different from the standard pronunciation rules… but now I know both. ###

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