ONE OK ROCK on Naver News

I finally used the audio button on Naver News a few days ago. Now it also works with Firefox.

I think when I set the sound to ‘female’ (여성) and ‘slow’ (느림), the speed of speech is somewhat similar to narrator’s voice for TOPIK Level 2.



I read a news article on Naver News about my favorite Japanese band ONE OK ROCK ♥♥♥. They just had a concert in Korea last week.

"한국팬 워낙 열광적…그 열정에 지지 않게 늘 최선" : 네이버 뉴스 (출처 : 연합뉴스 | 네이버 뉴스)

Taka, the vocalist, said he was thankful that their Korean fans came to the concert (3,200+ tickets were sold out) even without huge promotions or media coverage. He mentioned his best friend from Korea, Lee Hong Gi (FTISLAND) and about ONE OK ROCK’s upcoming album ‘AMBITIONS’ which would be released in January 2017. He said they picked the color yellow for the cover because yellow symbolizes ‘hope’ and the message was about the importance of not giving up and keep working hard toward your goals. ###

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