‘Hey Korean Mission’ This Week ‘잡다’

I listened to Catch The Wave yesterday for Hey Korean Mission, my weekly favorite segment. As someone pointed out, I agree that the show is kind of long but I guess we make time for things that we enjoy doing and I enjoy listening to DJ Jae Min Park and Mr. Hyunwoo Sun talk about Korean language for an hour every Wednesday, especially if I already sent my Korean sentence for them to read on air.

Full episodes of Hey Korean Mission are available on Catch The Wave’s official website – Audio on Demand and videos of Korean buzzwords taught on the show can be found on Talk To Me Korean’s website or YouTube channel. Like this one about 비주얼 깡패 & 중2병:

My song request was played yesterday for the first time ever and I was happy about it. I wrote on the Message Board:

너 사용법(The Manual) by Eddy Kim
It’s a love song that sounds very simple and sweet, just a guitar playing and Eddy Kim’s gentle vocal. I really like it and I feel all warm inside whenever I listen to it.

The Korean word for this week was: 잡다.

This is my sentence:

2주 전 방송에서
박재민 DJ가
“한국에 오기만 하면 팔베개를 해준다”라며
다미 씨 앞에서
자신의 팔 근육을 과시하는 자세를

At the CTW show 2 weeks ago, DJ Jae Min Park said ‘if you come to Korea, you can use my arms as arm pillow’ and he flaunted his muscular arms in front of Ms. Dami.


JaeMin’s reaction when Hyunwoo was reading my sentence about him was so funny. He laughed and even put his head on the table looking very embarassed.


JaeMin put his head down on the table in shame.

J: Last message for now.

H: OK. Andini Rizky from Indonesia. As we all know, her Korean is really good.
“이 주 전 방송에서 박재민DJ가”, two weeks ago on the show, JaeMin said, “한국에 오기만 하면”, if you come to Korea, “팔베개를 해준다”…

J: Ohohoho… 뭐라고?

H: “라며”, he said that he would let you lie, put, or rest your head on his arm.

J: Uh-huh.

H: “다미 씨 앞에서”, in front of Dami, one of the guests…

J: Yeah.

H: “자신의 팔 근육을 과시하는 자세를 잡았다.” He posed, flexing his arm muscles.

J: Hahaha.

H: So here, the keyword is “자세를 잡다”, which is great, great usage.

J: I remember that moment.

H: Why did you say that?

J: I don’t know. That’s why I’m hurt right now.

H: Does Dami do those things to you, she makes you say things you don’t want to say?

J: Yeah, she’s very convincing.

H: Yeah, I know.

J: She mind-controls me. Hahaha.

By the way, there is a song called 팔베개 (literally ‘arm pillow’, it’s when you sleep with another person’s arm as your pillow).

SoYou (소유), Giriboy (기리보이) Feat. KIHYUN (기현) _  Pillow (팔베개)

The 2 words for Korean Buzzword lessons were “(celebrity’s name)+앓이” and 기승전+(conversation topic).

앓이 [a-ri] originally means ‘sickness’, but if you use it with a person’s name, it means ‘love sickness because of that person’. Actor Park Bo-Gum (박보검) is very popular these days, and many fans are having ‘보검앓이’ (‘head over heels in love with Bo-Gum’). The CTW’s PD (producer) even left a message saying she bought a pizza with Park Bo-Gum’s picture on it and she could not get rid of the box because she had a serious case of 보검앓이.
Jae Min said he had 라붐앓이 because Laboum is his favorite girl group.

LABOUM(라붐) _ Shooting Love(푱푱)

기승전+(conversation topic) means ‘(conversation topic) is all you’ve ever talked about at the end’. First you need to know the term 기승전결 which is the structure for writing an essay, or ‘introduction 기, development 승, turn 전, and conclusion 결’. I only know this term because I am learning to write essay in Korean for TOPIK level 2. The conclusion 결 is changed with the conversation topic. For example: 기승전차 이야기. 차 이야기 = talk about car. 기승전차 이야기 means ‘even though all your stories start differently, at the end you always make it a story about your car’. Another example: When men have a chat, they always talk about women at the end, 기승전여자 = at the end, it’s always about women (여자 = woman). ###


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