Siwoo (C-Clown) Replied To Me


Oh my God! He replied!

Kim TaeMin (김태민), an ex-member of disbanded boy group, C-Clown, posted his selfie on Instagram, with caption:

머릿속은 화장실 가야겟다 #목적지는 #뒤에 #M #춥다 #머리 #다시 #5:5 #화장실
(In my mind, I think I need to go to the toilet. #destination is #behind me #M #cold #hairstyle #again #5:5 #toilet)

I left a comment, just one word: 배우 (actor).
Because I knew he was training to become an actor and I thought he looked like one.

To my surprise, he replied to me:

(yes yes yes yes yes).

So I just needed to blog about it.
I made sure 3 times that it wasn’t from another fan with similar ID.
I’m so happy. This is why I’m learning Korean.
Today is a good day. 😍 ###

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