When I Bought a Samsung Tablet


Made in Indonesia

I bought a new Samsung tablet for my 7-year-old daughter yesterday. It was an impulse purchase. She suddenly asked for a tablet when we were at the mall and I thought why not. She borrowed my tablet all the time to google animals’ names and play games, and I thought it was about time to get one for her.

When we entered the store, a female shop attendant came to greet us, and I asked her right away which was the cheapest tablet she could show us. She told me the price was 2.5 million rupiah. I was ready to pay, but my other daughter tried to persuade me to buy another tablet which was 5 times more expensive. So we discussed about which one to buy for a while. The female shop attendant got impatient and left us, and a male shop attendant came in her place. When I finally made my decision to buy the first (the cheapest) one, the male shop attendant gave me a lower price: 2.4 million rupiah. I paid with my debit card. I was happy, my children were happy, and we were just waiting quietly for the male shop attendant to prepare the warranty card.

And then, suddenly, the female shop attendant who talked to us before, said out loud right behind me to another customer (the shop was very small),”This tablet was 2.5 million rupiah but now I will sell it to you for only 2 million rupiah.”

I pretended I didn’t hear. I think she did it on purpose. How weird. Why in the world a shop attendant would try to hurt customers’ feeling? Why did she even do that? I’m pretty sure everybody else -including the male shop attendant- could hear her trying to make me feel bad about my purchase. Hahaha.

“Women, they’re mean in sneaky little ways,” I told my husband at home. He laughed as if I was telling him a joke and his laughter made me feel everything was fine. I thought that paying more for the tablet didn’t make me any poorer and I decided to blog about it here because Samsung is a Korean brand. 😀 ###

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