Learn Korean Short Phrases (한국어 한마디)

This is a section that I like from Sejong Institute: 한국어 한마디 (Korean: 1 sentence at a time for everyday life). You can learn 60 short Korean phrases in total, with sample conversations. Link: http://www.sejonghakdang.org/opencourse/etc/detail.do?currentPage=1&perPage=8&orderby=-3&typeCd=CONVERSATION_TYPE%3A%3A01&srchlanguageType=LANGUAGE_TYPE%3A%3AKOREAN&srchStudyType&srchDifficultyCd&srchContentsType&srchDataType&srchTitle&courseMasterSeq=5521&courseActiveSeq=8341&copyTargetLanguageCd&regMemberSeq&reSeq&leftmenu=B&subflag&currentMenuId&currentType=%3FcourseMasterSeq%3D5521


Important Korean phrases

Some of the contents on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLInPGbDZkjSSTnntU4JP0QYoh5vNlSB7S (playlist).

This series is under “Introductory Level” tab on Sejong Institute’s website, with romanization, translation in 9 languages including English and Indonesian, and also narration/explanation in Korean, but Korean sentences such as 요즘 정신없이 바빠요 or 요즘 기타에 푹 빠져 있어요 are polite expressions that could make your Korean sound fluent and natural. ###

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