Junior Naver – Korean Educational Website for Kids

I found this link from my old blog post. Wow, my blog is so useful for myself. 😀

Junior Naver : http://jr.naver.com


Junior Naver

Junior Naver is a Korean educational site for children where you can watch tons of Korean children’s animated movies (동화), learn Korean from Korean children’s songs if that’s your thing (just click the tab with 동요 written on it or click this link: http://jr.naver.com/song), read Korean picture books (with audio), learn English (영어), games, etc.

My favorite section is 동화 or children’s stories: http://jr.naver.com/story

I’ve just read a picture book and I noticed that 넓네 was pronounced [넘네] but according to 국립국어원, the standard pronunciation is [널레]. 😀

All videos can be watched in full screen, in case you don’t realize that there is a double-pointed arrow to click for full screen (전체화면) on the right corner of the video. ###


One thought on “Junior Naver – Korean Educational Website for Kids

  1. Hi and thanks for the post, but I was actually looking to see if you know if the story’s have ages ranges. My Korean is very basic at best and I can’t seem to figure it out. I really need like 3-4 yr old stuff (or younger 😦 ). It’s a two fold problem really, I usually understand the first bits almost fluently and then…I don’t know, but I stop understanding. The problem is that I don’t read fast enough to listen and read at the same time to make sure of the words I think I hear plus try to infer meaning of the words I don’t know.


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