My Korean Sentence Using 취미 (Hobby)

Yesterday was Wednesday, my favorite day of the week because I could listen to Hey Korean (with Hyunwoo) on Catch The Wave on Arirang Radio online.

I sent a Korean sentence using the word announced on the Message Board which was ‘취미’ (hobby).

Weekly word for Hey Korean Mission can be read here:

My message:

What I’m trying to say: DJ Jaemin’s hobby is fanboying over girl idols (Laboum).

박재민 DJ님이 자신의 SNS에
라붐이라는 걸그룹의 멤버들의
친필사인과 메시지를 올리신 걸 보니
라붐 팬질이라는 *취미*생활을
즐기고 계시나 보군요.

(Judging from the fact that JaeMin Park DJ posted hand-written signatures and messages from girl group Laboum on his social media, it seems that he is enjoying his hobby life as Laboum’s fanboy.)

(Laboum members wrote: ♡재민 오빠/’♡JaeMin Oppa’ and 편지 감사해요/Thank you for the letter’ and 다음에 뵈용/’Let’s meet next time’.)

박재민 DJ님의 *취미*는
여성 아이돌 팬이시네요.

(DJ JaeMin Park’s hobby is fanboying over female idols.)

Thank you.


DJ JaeMin read my message on air! He read only 1 sentence. I was excited to hear my name mentioned. I expected to hear DJ JaeMin’s laughter but he didn’t laugh as hard as before so I kind of disappointed. He sounded smiley and friendly as usual, though. At least, Mr. Hyunwoo, the Korean teacher from, had a giggle.

DJ JaeMin:
And… Andini from Indonesia.

(Reading my message).
Hey Korean Mission ‘취미’, this week.
박재민 DJ님이 자신의 SNS에
라붐이라는 걸그룹 멤버들의
친필사인과 메시지를 올리신 걸 보니
라붐 팬질이라는 *취미*생활을
즐기고 계시나 보군요.😀

DJ Jaemin’s hobby is probaby fanboying over girl group Laboum.

(Explaining). Because I posted… because I heard for the next show is, Leah is hosting, it’s Sound K, Laboum was invited as a guest, so I left a handwritten message and told Leah to please show to Laboum.

Uh-huh. OK. 😀

DJ JaeMin:
And they actually sent me back autographs.


DJ JaeMin:
So I posted it on my yeah… Outstagram.

(He is not allowed to say social media’s name such as Instagram or Twitter on air.)

That’s great. Exchanging hand-written messages, like you know, in old-fashioned way. 😀

DJ JaeMin:
Old-fashioned way.


DJ JaeMin:
Just like the 90s.

Like the 90s, or 80s, or 1950s.😀

DJ JaeMin:
Yup. My hobby is fanboying Laboum. It is true.😀

OK. Your new hobby. Your new-found passion.😀

DJ JaeMin:

And then they moved on to the next message.

I wasn’t sure whether I could use the term 팬질 (from ‘fan’ + 질) to say fanboying/fangirling but since they didn’t correct my sentence, I guess it’s OK. ###

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