My Question about 취미


The CTW writers’ team replied to my message.

This post is still about yesterday’s Hey Korean on Arirang Radio. 🙂 I posted a question on Catch The Wave’s message board related to this week’s word 취미 and the writers team also replied to message.

Can 취미 mean ‘taste’ and ‘behaviour’? Because it can in Japanese for the same word (趣味/shumi). Can I say:

전부터 궁금했는데 이제 박재민 DJ의 여자 취미를 알게 됐다. (taste in women)?
I had been curious, but now I knew DJ JaeMin’s taste in women.

남의 얘기를 엿듣다니 취미가 나빠. (bad behaviour)?
It’s a bad behaviour to secretly listen to other people’s conversations.

No? Thank you.


Hyunwoo 샘:
OK. This one… Andini from Indonesia. I’m surprised that Andini has any Korean question.

DJ JaeMin:
She’s an expert. She can teach Korean.

Hyunwoo 샘:
She’s perfect in Korean. Anyway, OK.

Can 취미 mean ‘taste’ and ‘behaviour’, too? Because… a~h… for example: 남의 얘기를 엿듣다니 취미가 나빠.

DJ JaeMin:

Hyunwoo 샘:
You can say it.

DJ JaeMin:
You have, like, ‘bad behavior’.

Hyunwoo 샘:
나쁜 취미가 있네. ‘Bad hobby’. But we don’t really mean it’s a bad hobby.

DJ JaeMin:
Yeah. You listen to somebody else’s chat, every time. It’s not a hobby but it could refer to something treated as a hobby.

Hyunwoo 샘:
Yeah. ‘Behavior’. Your ‘behavioral pattern’, I guess. Some kind of tendency. Maybe not a hobby. It’s closer to ‘behavior’. Good find.

DJ JaeMin:
And if you want to talk about the ‘taste’, it should be ‘취향’.

Hyunwoo 샘:
취향. 취향. OK. Perfect.

DJ JaeMin:
Thank you for your question.


They really answered all my questions about Korean language yesterday. This is why I love Hey Korean segment.💕

By the way, I kind of sensed that Hyunwoo 샘 avoided reading my Korean sentences about taste in women and marriage as if DJ Jaemin had gotten sensitive about being teased about the topics. 💔 I’m concerned about it… because…

Catch The Wave show will have Christmas Special day this week and listeners can request K-pop Christmas  songs and win JaeMin Santa’s special gift. I was going to request for BTOB’s “You Can Cry” (울어도 돼) because JaeMin is single on Christmas. But if he’s sensitive about it, it won’t be funny, it will be just mean. 🤷💔 ###


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