Naver papago (Translator) for Android


Naver papago on Google Play

The memory card on my Samsung tablet was broken so I had to re-install apps that I saved there including Naver Dictionary and then I found that Naver had released a new translation software (free): Naver papago. →Life lesson: you think something is bad and then something good happens because of it and you realize that’s just how the story unfolds.

Naver papago is similar to Google Translate and Microsoft Translate but it only works for English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese and what makes Naver papago different is that it also contains Phrasebook for Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, with audio.

Naver papago:

Naver papago translates text, by typing, and also recognizes human’s voice and translate it into another language. I tried the camera function several times (to translate writings on books, street signs, etc.) but it failed translating them. Maybe I used it wrong, I don’t know.

But I really like the voice recognition, I think it recognizes my voice better than Google Voice Search. I plan to use it when I study to train my Korean pronunciation. And Chinese. I really have to start studying Chinese again. Because Naver papago couldn’t understand my 你好 (nihao/hello). Sadly, I already forgot everything about Chinese pronunciation.

Korean to English:
I said 반갑습니다, and got ‘Nice to meet you’ (with English audio) as the result.


Korean to English

Japanese to Korean:
I said 迫力ある演技に感動しました。(I was moved by your powerful acting) and got 박력 있는 연기에 감동했습니다 with audio in Korean. Sounds natural with 박력 pronounced correctly as [방녁].


Japanese to Korean

English to Korean:
I said ‘I love learning Korean’ and got 나는 한국어를 배우는 것을 좋아한다. So it translated English into casual form (반말). Interesting.


English to Korean

There is a ‘full-screen’ button on the right below. Maybe if you want to show the sentence to someone else who stands across you (a K-pop idol?).

Full Screen.jpg

Full screen

And, there is a translation function for conversation, too.


I supposed this is used to chat with someone else.

If you wonder, so where is the phrasebook?, tap the button on top right corner…


Phrasebook and Setting

From the setting, you also can set the audio (female or male, slow or fast).



The audio reads both English and Korean sentences.

Which reminds me that Naver also has another free app for phrasebook:


Naver Global Phrase on Google Play

Naver Global Phrase – 네이버 글로벌회화 ###

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