My Korean Sentences Using the Word “준비” (Preparation)

I haven’t studied Korean diligently lately but thanks to Hey Korean Mission on Catch The Wave – Arirang Radio, I have something to blog about here. 😊

Hey Korean Mission for 2017, January 4:

*Make your own Korean sentence using the word “준비” (prepare/preparation)

ex) 빨리 일어나! 학교 갈 준비해야지.
(Wake up! You need to get ready for school)

ex) 준비를 많이 했기 때문에 자신 있다.
(I am confident because I prepared a lot)

They updated the keyword on January 3 after I posted a message asking for the homework. Wow. I’m so dedicated. Maybe they forgot to update the Hey Korean Mission page because there were so many special segments on Catch The Wave during the week between Christmas and New Year.

my-messageAnd then I sent 3 Korean sentences using the word “준비” (preparation).

1. 올해야말로 토픽 2 시험을 치겠다고 다짐했는데 쓰기 시험 준비를 전혀 못하고 있어요.
(I made up my mind that this year I would take TOPIK 2 but I haven’t done any preparation for the writing test.)

2. 요즘 박재민 DJ님이 방송중에 자주 갑자기 노래를 부르기 시작한 걸 보니 가수의 길을 준비하고 계시는 모양이네요.
(Lately DJ JaeMin Park often suddenly sings on the show so I assume he is preparing to become a singer.)
→ I wrote 새 앨범 준비중? (preparing for a new album?) as the title of my message.

3. 인터넷 기사에서 봤는데 크레용팝 소율 씨가 요새 결혼 준비를 하느라 바쁘대요.
(I read on an internet article that lately Soyul of Crayon Pop was busy preparing for her wedding.)
→ I wrote this because DJ JaeMin said the Crayon Pop girls were his close friends and I wanted to use 결혼 준비를 하느라 바쁘다 (busy with wedding preparation) but they didn’t read this sentence on air.


Andini, you actually sent us 3 messages in a row.😊

Wow! Hahaha.😊

OK, let’s cover it one by one. Andini Rizky from Indonesia.

올해야말로 토픽 2 시험을 치겠다고 다짐했는데 쓰기 시험 준비를 전혀 못하고 있어요.

OK. Translation first. You made up your mind, decided, that this is the year when you will take TOPIK 2, but you haven’t done any preparation for the writing test. But this is your writing test preparation that you’re sending in…

Yeah. This is probably better than your English skill.

(Me, thinking: why is JaeMin dissing my English?😊)

Great job! With your sentence.

Let me just cover one more message from Andini.


Hey Korean Mission: 요즘 박재민 DJ님이 방송중에 자주 갑자기 노래를 부르기 시작한 걸 보니 가수의 길을 준비하고 계시는 모양이네요.

OK. Judging from the fact that DJ JaeMin recently started singing more commonly during the show, maybe he is preparing an album, preparing to go on a path on becoming a singer.

♬피 땀 눈물♬  (Blood, sweat, tears). Like this.😊


♬나는 오직 그대뿐이죠♬ (To me you’re the only one)


♬피 땀 눈물♬ (Blood, sweat, tears)

You better give up.😊

OK. Sorry. Singing is not my thing. So I’m not gonna prepare to become a singer.😊

Not your forte.😊

The Korean buzzwords they taught were:

  • 우유 빛깔 (lit. the color of milk, but often means ‘beautiful/handsome’, for example when Korean fans shout 우유 빛깔 박재민, they mean ‘handsome JaeMin Park’)
  • 하드캐리 (‘hard carry’, the one person in the group who single-handedly played the most important role in a TV show, a match, etc.). ###

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