Pronunciation of 김밥 (Gimbap)

I read on a Japanese blog that online Korean dictionary 표준국어대사전 from 국립국어원
( made a correction/revision to the pronunciation of 김밥 (gimbap, the Korean-style seaweed and rice rolls).
(The blog in Japanese:

So according to the blog, Korean people in real life almost always pronounce the word 김밥
as [김ː빱] but the standard monolingual dictionary only acknowledged [김ː밥] as the standard pronunciation. I don’t live in Korea but I remember that in an audio file of a Korean language textbook published by Darakwon, 김밥 is also pronounced as [김ː빱] with ‘ㅃ’ sound.

Now the 표준국어대사전 dictionary shows both ways to pronounce 김밥: [김ː밥] and [김ː빱] . The double triangles/dots [ː] in the middle is to show that 김 is pronounced a little bit longer.


Both [gim-bab] and [gim-ppap] are ‘standard’ now.

However, other dictionaries, for example Korean – English Dictionary for Learners, also from 국립국어원, haven’t made similar correction. So they just show the pronunciation as [김ː밥] only.


No change yet.

I will just use [gim-ppap]. Because it will make me sound more like Koreans, right?  I think it sounds closer to ‘kimpap’ than ‘gimbap’. I have a kim… I have a pap… Ugh…


ㅂ becomes ㅃ

Somehow there’s no confusion that 비빔밥 (bibimbap) is pronounced [비빔빱]. ###


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