Naver English Dictionary & V App – Korean Sentences from K-Pop Idols

Oh, my God! Now Naver English Dictionary is linked to V-Live App! So we can get real sample sentences from K-pop idols’ live chat! Wow… awesome. 대단해요.

Let’s Speak Korean: 대단해요. = That’s awesome.

I was browsing Let’s Speak Korean videos on Arirang’s YouTube channel and found this video: 부자래. = Rich.

I thought… 부자래? Is it the shortened form of 부자라고 해 or something I don’t know? 부자 = a rich person. So I looked up on Naver English Dictionary ( and found that the dictionary now gives sample sentences from chat videos of V app with hangul script and English subtitles! Wow wow wow… And we  can watch the videos linked there.


Of course the K-pop idols speak in natural Korean so the service must be meant for Korean language learners/K-pop fans who learn Korean. Me. 😎  Naver is the best.

I was right. 부자래 = 부자라고 해 (金持ちだって。Quoted information: He is rich.). ###


2 thoughts on “Naver English Dictionary & V App – Korean Sentences from K-Pop Idols

  1. Hello, I chanced upon your blog while surfing for stuff relating to learning Korean. I really enjoy reading your blog and you have very useful information there. I envy your good level of Korean. I had been wonder whether Naver or Daum dictionary is easier to use for a complete beginner like me. Now it seems like Naver is much better.

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