My Korean Sentence Using “겨울”(Winter)

I tried sending messages to other shows on Arirang Radio. Sometimes the DJ reads my message, sometimes he/she doesn’t. It’s like a hit-and-miss effort. But for Hey Korean Mission on Catch The Wave, they never fail to read my messages. And that’s why I love the show. And because DJ JaeMin and HyunWoo 선생님 are as funny as a comedy duo.
And because they teach Korean on the segment. And I want to learn Korean.

This was this week’s mission, as quoted from CTW’s official Facebook page

January 18
*Make your own Korean sentence using the word “겨울”(winter)

ex) 올 겨울에는 눈이 별로 안 왔어.
(It did not snow that much this winter)

ex) 이번 겨울에 살 뺄 거야
(I’m going to lose weight this winter)

I wrote this sentence using the word “겨울”(winter):

박재민 DJ가 올 겨울겨울치고 그렇게 춥지 않다고 했다.
(DJ JaeMin Park said, for winter, winter this year was not that cold.)



DJ JaeMin:
OK. Andini from Indonesia.
(Reading) 박재민 DJ가 올겨울은 겨울치고 그렇게 춥지 않다고 했다. Wow!

HyunWoo 선생님:
Yeah, 겨울치고.

DJ JaeMin:
-치고 which means ‘as a…’
So it can be translated as… ‘DJ JaeMin said this winter is not that cold, as a winter’.

HyunWoo 선생님:
‘For winter’.

DJ JaeMin:
Ah, ‘for winter’.

HyunWoo 선생님:
Yeah, compared to the average temperature (of winter), I guess.

DJ JaeMin:
-치고 is a very Korean expression. Wow, this is perfect!

HyunWoo 선생님:
A lot of people tell me 삼십대 후반치고 so and so. ‘For someone who is in the late 30s’. I always take it as a compliment.

DJ JaeMin:
Uh-huh. You look young, right?

HyunWoo 선생님:
Yeah, I mean, looking young, and hobbies, I like to breakdance… and stuff like that. And, -치고, you can use it as a tool of sarcasm.

DJ JaeMin:
Yeah, yeah.

HyunWoo 선생님:
재민 씨도… uhm… I was trying to say something…

DJ JaeMin:
What? Go for it!😄

HyunWoo 선생님:
재민 씨도 30대 중반치고는 괜찮아요.😄

DJ JaeMin:
Oh… so ‘for a mid-thirty aged male, you’re not bad’.😄

HyunWoo 선생님:
‘Not too bad’.😄

DJ JaeMin:
He didn’t say I am ‘OK’. He said I’m not ‘that bad’. I’m gonna get revenge.😄

HyunWoo 선생님:
I’ll look forward to it.😉 ###

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