Meaning of Korean Slang ‘안물안궁’ and ‘Noun + 각’

Hey Korean’s AOD (Audio On Demand) for last week (January 18, 2017) has not been uploaded yet, which is unusual. A few days ago I posted a message saying that at first, I thought DJ JaeMin was mad at me when he said ‘안디니, 너, 결혼각?’ (Andini, are you going to get married soon?). Of course I realized soon that he actually was just giving an example using the Korean slang ‘-각’ using my name. So I wonder whether my message was the reason behind the delay. I hope not. Everything can’t be about me. They must have other undisclosed reasons that are not about me, right? I will just send one message on the message board.



But, anyway, I really wanted to listen to the Korean Buzzword segment again. If the audio file is not on Catch The Wave’s official website yet, I thought, maybe I could watch the video on Talk To Me In Korean’s YouTube channel. But it turned out, they never published the videos of Korean Buzzword again since last November. Why???

But I remember that last week they taught 2 buzzwords:

1. 안물안궁 = 안 물어보았고, 안 궁금하다 (I didn’t ask and I don’t want to know).
안물안궁 is like a sarcastic way to say ‘I don’t care about what you have to say’.

2. Noun + 각 = lit. angle, very likely to happen

각 literally means ‘angle’, originally from billiard games, because you have to have a certain angle to hit the balls.

각이 안 나와. = It’s not feasible.

When they explained the term ‘noun + 각’ on air, I thought that it was similar to English expression: ‘it’s on the cards’, which also means ‘something is very likely to happen’.

오늘도 야근각. = It’s very likely that today I will have to work overtime, again.
오늘도 혼밥각. = It’s very likely that today I will have to eat alone again.
숙면각. = It’s very likely that I will sleep soundly. (Because I’m very tired).
여행각. = It’s very likely that I will go travelling.
질투각. = It’s very likely that I will become jealous.

I sent a question during the show and they read it: ‘can I say ‘박재민 DJ 결혼각’? (DJ JaeMin Park will get married soon). The two DJs actually laughed. DJ JaeMin said ‘Andini, don’t do that’. HyunWoo 선생님 answered ‘yes, it works,’ and he turned the phrase into a full sentence: 박재민 DJ는 결혼각이다. (It’s very likely that DJ JaeMin Park will get married soon). DJ JaeMin responded ‘no, not at all’, he didn’t even have a girlfriend since 4 years ago.

HyunWoo 선생님 also taught a little joke when you don’t want to get out of bed because it’s too cold and you still want to sleep:
안돼. 이불밖은 위험해. = I can’t. It’s too dangerous to get out of the blanket.

I found a K-pop song 이불 밖은 위험해 by MC Gree. ###


2 thoughts on “Meaning of Korean Slang ‘안물안궁’ and ‘Noun + 각’

  1. I’m sure you’ve noticed Korean has new slang and new words every year. I honestly only learn those words when I encounter them and look them up . I don’t see the point of learning those kind of words in a deliberate manner like this


    • Hi, Choronghi 님! Yes, there are so many new slang words and most of them die quickly, too. Slang words are not something that you learn seriously, they’re just fun to know and to use as hashtags on Twitter or Instagram.
      I use the radio show as my chance to learn those slang words.
      JaeMin and HyunWoo are funny, they explain those words in English which make them very easy to understand and to remember, and they always read my message and mention my name on-air so the slang words are relevant to me. I had fun and I can’t wait for their show this week.
      Besides, I get a lot of blog visitors for posts about Korean slang so I think a lot of people are curious, too.

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