Learn Hangul Pronunciation Changes from King Sejong Institute’s Online Course

You can learn about pronunciation changes of hangul through online games from one of King Sejong Institute’s courses. You need to register and log in first. Yes, the courses are all free of charge.

한국어 발음 학습 (Learn Korean Pronunciation): http://www.sejonghakdang.org/opencourse/etc/detail.do?courseMasterSeq=4163&courseActiveSeq=6848

According to the description, the lesson is for intermediate level (but also for all levels). Maybe because Korean pronunciation is not that easy and you need to develop your listening skills first to be able to differentiate all those sounds of Korean letters.

Click “Learn” on the left bar… to learn.


If you hover your mouse, you can see what the lesson is about. Example: 국밥 is pronounced [국빱]

Click Help if you need instruction. I just clicked around and play. It’s easy to navigate.

If you click Download, you can download all questions and answer keys in one zip file, which consists of many pdf files.

I tried Midterm Assessment 1. I got confused at some parts, not many, but still, I thought I already knew all the rules. Maybe I need to follow the lessons one by one and see what I missed.  😀

The problems look like this:


Listening test


있다 is pronounced [읻따] or [이따], I think? Why don’t I get any 반응?

If you click the green Check button, you will get feedback whether you answer the question correctly or not, and also, answer keys can be found in the pdf files. ###

2 thoughts on “Learn Hangul Pronunciation Changes from King Sejong Institute’s Online Course

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