Meaning of 고민, 치느님, 유느님, and 뇌섹남

Hey Korean Mission this week from Arirang Radio – Catch The Wave’s Facebook page ( ):

January 25
*Make your own Korean sentence using the word “고민”(worry (noun))
or “고민하다”(worry,wonder (verb)).

ex) 점심으로 무엇을 먹을지 고민이야
I’m wondering what to eat for lunch

ex) 친구가 내 고민을 들어주었다.
My friend listened to my worries.

This is the sentence I posted on the Message Board:

비는 오랫동안 고민한 끝에 드디어 김태희와의 결혼을 결심했다.
(Rain, after a lot of thought, finally decided to marry Kim Tae Hee.)

HyunWoo 선생님 said, “This is a great sentence”.

He gives away 1 voucher weekly (for written Korean sentence) and 1 Korean textbook monthly (for audio clip in Korean), but I already won once so I can’t win again. I haven’t received my prize yet, though.

The buzzwords they taught were:

치느님 = chicken (dishes), from 치킨 (chicken) + 하느님 (god), like ‘you can’t go wrong with chicken’. Koreans post pictures of chicken dishes on SNS with this hashtag (#치느님). They really like chicken that they call it “god”, I guess.

Related to this, 유느님 is a nickname for Korean famous MC, Yoo Jae Suk (유재석) because he’s so perfect and flawless, people add ‘god’ to his name.

And… what else they taught? Oh, 뇌섹남!
뇌 = brain, 섹시하다 = sexy, 남 = 남자, man.
뇌섹남 means ‘a man with sexy brain’ (a smart guy). I already knew this word from reading news about Park Kyung (Block B) who is a 뇌섹남 because he has very high IQ and a member of MENSA (a club for people with high IQ).

So when HyunWoo 선생님 pronounced the word 뇌섹남 per syllable slowly, it sounded like [noe]- [sek]-[nam], but when he said it as a word, it became [noe-seng-nam]/[뇌셍남].
Because: ㄱ+ㄴ⇒ㅇ+ㄴ. But everyone who learns Korean knows this. If you don’t, you can learn it from King Sejong Institute’s online course.

The entire show of Hey Korean can be listened here: Catch The Wave – Audio On Demand ###

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