You Won’t Find Me on Reddit


A few years ago, a blog visitor left a comment saying ‘you must be active on Reddit!’.

I wasn’t. I assumed that he was.

Internet access to Reddit was and is still blocked by Indonesian government for unknown reason despite people’s protests.

Last week, I thought, why not give Reddit – Korean a try, maybe I could get some motivation to learn Korean for TOPIK or something, so I used an add-on on my browser and registered on Reddit and started answering people’s questions. I answered 13 messages and all my messages were filtered (deleted, but I didn’t know it at first because I could see them). When I found out that my messages were deleted, I was annoyed, but I thought, it could be worst, it could be 14. I found a note on the sidebar saying that all messages from new members (less than 3 days) would be automatically filtered.

I thought, OK, then I’ll wait 3 days. No big deal.

Today, I tried answering a question on Reddit – Korean again, and guess what, it was also deleted by the system.

Song: 시간낭비 (Waste of Time) by Crucial Star

I give up. Sigh. What a waste of time. I deactivated my Reddit account. ###


7 thoughts on “You Won’t Find Me on Reddit

  1. This is insane, why would they do that?? For security (?) reasons….? Anyway, I think it was actually good to get engaged in the Korean learning community, is another way of staying motivated and focused. Too bad it didn’t work out 😐


    • I don’t know how Reddit works. Maybe I should be active on other parts of Reddit first, then they will let me comment on Reddit – Korean? Well, it wasn’t meant to be. You’re right that being a part of learning community is actually motivating to keep learning. That’s why I love my Facebook page and nobody can mute me because I started the page (it’s in Indonesian). 😀


    • I think Bahasa Indonesia is an extremely interesting language 🙂 I took a class on Indonesian history when I was attending university and I found it extremely fascinating. Being able to learn your FB would be a bonus! It will have to wait though, first I need to reach a decent level in Chinese, than pick up my Japanese, then start Korean 😀 but it’s never too late to learn a new language!

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