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It’s Seollal (Lunar New Year)! So… happy new year again! 새해복 많이 받으세요. In Indonesia, today is also Chinese New Year.

My New Year’s resolution is to start learning Chinese again. 新年快乐。(Happy new year). That’s all Chinese I can remember right now. Chinese Indonesians say ‘gong xi fa cai’ on New Year, I think, because I saw it a lot on ads. I don’t know what it means. Let’s ask Naver Chinese Dictionary – 중국어사전.

恭喜发财 [gōngxǐfācái] means 돈 많이 버세요. ‘Please make a lot of money’. Oh, OK.


Today I installed Audio Clip (Beta), a free mobile app for Korean podcasts from Naver and I really like it. Google Play:

Read more about the app on this blog: 10원 Tips: Naver releases AudioClip app (in English!)

The 10원 Tips blog introduced one of the podcasts: 외국인을 위한 한국어 읽기 (Reading Korean for Foreigners) which is like audiobook for Korean language learners. Mostly Korean folk tales with audio, illustration, and script. Awesome. I’ll learn with it later.


Reading Korean for Foreigners, with full text.

I used the voice search function, I tapped the mic icon on top and said 외국인을 위한 한국어 읽기 and the app could recognize my Korean. So proud of myself. LOL.

And I also found a daily show, “Real Life Korean” from tbs eFM Radio, in English, where listeners can learn a short Korean conversation every day. I listened to the latest episode and found it not too easy and not too difficult for me. I can use it for dictation exercises. I love that the explanation is in English and that it is short, only 5 minutes.


You can download, like, leave comment, and share it to SNS.

Koreascape – Real Life Korean / Jan 26
Host: Kurt Achin
Teacher: Jessica Lee

방금 담배 핀 거예요? 금연한다더니.
Did you just smoke? I thought you said you quit.

아니에요. 안 피었어요.
No, I didn’t smoke.

피는 걸 다 봤어요. 이실직고 하세요.
I saw you smoking. Just say the truth.

사실 한모금만 피었어요.
Actually, I just had one puff.

금연 다짐이 일주일을 못 갔네요.
You quitting smoking didn’t even last a week.

내일부턴 다시 금연할 거예요.
I’ll quit smoking again starting tomorrow.

New word for me: 이실직고하다 = to tell the truth

Found the official website of tbs eFM:
It seems that most of the shows are in English, and one in Chinese.

On ‘Category’, you will see that there are 61 podcasts that you can listen on Audio Clip app.



I subscribed to a podcast for learning Chinese: Darakwon 지아오! 중국어.

The ‘Sound Library’ category is actually sounds of nature, such as birds, water, rain, or the wind, maybe they will help you sleep or relax? ###

8 thoughts on “Audio Clip – Korean Podcast App from Naver

  1. 春节1快乐!I second your good intention for 2017, more Chinese! Enough with Korean, I’m jealous! XD I have a proposition for you, after I take (flunk) HSK2 let’s prepare together for HSK3, whenever it will be that we’ll be able to attend it!


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