Hey Korean Mission (대답) and Meaning of 광대승천 and 셀기꾼

Today, Wednesday, is the day for Hey Korean segment on Arirang Radio – Catch The Wave with DJ JaeMin and the main guest HyunWoo 선생님.

When I was watching the live cam, during a song break, a female staff came to the studio to give some paper and food to DJ JaeMin. He made ‘finger hearts’ with his thumbs and point fingers to her (Korean celebrities often do that to say ‘I love you’ to fans) and then she started punching him because he wouldn’t stop giving her the ‘love beam’. And I thought girls punching guys only happened in Korean movies.

I posted a message on the message board: ‘I think I just saw DJ JaeMin got beaten up by a girl’. DJ JaeMin laughed heartily and then pretended to cry when he read my message on air. He said,”I’m OK. I’m a strong guy. I’m not crying at all.”

He is funnier as a radio DJ than TV personality, I think. By the way, he will play basketball on a new TV show, Buzzer Beater on tvN, which will be aired… on Friday night.

The Korean homework was:

February 01
*Make your own Korean sentence using the word “대답”(answer, response (noun)) or “대답하다” (to answer, respond (verb)).

ex) 예, 아니요로 대답해 주세요
Please answer yes or no.

ex) 나는 솔직한 대답을 듣고 싶어.
I want to hear an honest response.

And this is my sentence:

뇌섹남인 박재민 DJ는 민감하거나 대답하기 곤란한 질문에는 ‘moving on’이라는 답으로 일관하며 대답을 피하는 것이다.
Being a ‘sexy-brain’ (smart) guy, DJ JaeMin Park sticks to the phrase ‘moving on’ and avoids answering sensitive questions that are hard to answer.

HyunWoo 선생님 said, ‘yes, it’s true’ and he noticed that I used the word he taught last week 뇌섹남 /’brain-sexy’ (smart) guy.

So I was thinking… writing in Korean for Hey Korean Mission is fun for me because as a fan, I want to write about DJ JaeMin and I know he will have to read it. On the other hand, writing for TOPIK 2 is not so interesting… maybe because I have nothing to say about the writing topics. So, one thing I need to do to prepare for the writing section of TOPIK is: to have opinions.

For Korean Buzzwords this week, they talked about 광대승천 and 셀기꾼.

광대승천 = 광대 (cheek bone) and 승천 (rise up to heaven).
It means smiling happily, for example when watching favorite idols on TV or looking at your baby’s picture or when thinking about going on a date with someone you’re in love with.

To say to a friend:
너 광대승천중이야!
너 지금 광대승천하고 있어!
(You look very happy! You look very thrilled!)

셀기꾼 = from 셀카 (selfie) and 사기꾼 (fraud/con artist).
It means a person who takes very beautiful selfies, far more beautiful than he/she actually is, by using photoshop or app, etc.

I asked the difference between 만난 카페, 만나던 카페, and 만났던 카페 (the cafe where we met), but I couldn’t really understand HyunWoo 선생님’s answer. Oops. Did he say 만나던 and  만났던 were the same or I misunderstood his explanation? But it’s OK. I know it’s written in one of those textbooks on my bookshelf. I’ll look for it later.

Anyway, the show was fun and I can’t wait for Hey Korean next week. ###

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