Meaning of Korean Slang 단호박


Just say it honestly. I’m worthy of respect, right?


Nope. (단호박)

Oh, look, I found the word 단호박 (a Korean slang)!

This is from a video uploaded this morning on BTOB’s V Live channel: (with hangul script for learners).

Changsub said to Sungjae: 솔직히 말해. 나 존경스럽지? (Just say it, honestly. I’m worthy of respect, right?)

Sungjae answered: 아니. (Nope.) in  a 단호박 manner.

HyunWoo 선생님 taught this word for Korean Buzzword section on Arirang Radio. The word  단호박 could mean ‘sweet pumpkin’/’autumn squash’ that taste sweet, but as a slang, it means a person who says no really quickly without even trying to be soft about it, or the act of refusing flatly. It’s from the word 단호하다 (to be firm, resolute).

Reference: Open Dictionary for Korean Buzzwords “우리말쌤”: 단호박 (in Korean).

To say to  a friend who said 아니 (no) to your invitation or question:
‘너 완전 단호박이구나.’ or just ‘단호박.’
(You’re very straightforward when you say no).

Isn’t it amazing that after you learn a Korean word, it suddenly appears everywhere? Just like HyunWoo 선생님 said on Hey Korean: 아는 만큼 보인다 (what you know determines what you see). ###


2 thoughts on “Meaning of Korean Slang 단호박

  1. Learning a Korean word and then suddenly hearing/seeing it everywhere happens to me all the time. I still remember learning 손을 잡다 and then hearing it in Sam Kim’s song “Seattle”. (Little plugin: Seattle is a good song. I think you’ll like it if you’re into acoustic songs.)

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