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I really like Real Life Korean segment of tbs eFM Koreascape but I still can’t find the website for the Korean dialog scripts. It’s a 5-minute radio show in Korea for foreigners that teaches one key expression every day. Today’s key expression was: 시시콜콜 캐묻다.
Even though the sentences in the conversation are really short, the key expression is actually for advanced level learners and that’s why it’s interesting.

I found Koreascape first via AudioClip from Naver, but it’s actually more convenient to listen to it on iTunes
or this website:
because AudioClip app doesn’t show the note/description about the Korean words.


Real Life Korean – Host: Kurt Achin – Korean teacher: Jessica Lee

시시콜콜 캐묻다: ask every single detail, ask everything, being inquisitive about everything → Wanting to know everything about someone/something, asking everything

시시콜콜: down to the last detail, every single thing/detail, every buzz, nitpicking → It’s a pure Korean expression for ‘asking/knowing/telling everything, even the tiniest detail’ and being stingy.

캐묻다: questioning closely, asking inquisitively, interrogate

~ 하지 말아라: don’t ~

개인 시간: time alone, private time

I took dictation from the conversation they taught today:

사춘기를 겪는 딸이 걱정이에요.
I’m worried about my daughter. She’s going through puberty now.

많이 신경 쓰이겠어요.
You must be very concerned.

요즘 저랑 얘기도 안 하려고 해요.
Nowadays, she even won’t talk to me.

Leave her alone.

시시콜콜 캐묻지 말고요.
Don’t interrogate her about every detail.

그래야 될까요?
Shall I do it?

개인 시간을 좀 줘요.
Give her some alone time.

Ah, 냅두세요! I learned 냅둬요 before. The basic form is 냅두다. It’s a spoken language, the contraction of 내버려두다 (to leave alone).

Not only Korean lessons, the radio show has many episodes that provide useful information for living in Korea. ###


6 thoughts on “tbs eFM Koreascape – Real Life Korean

  1. It’s 요즘 not 여즘 right?
    And thanks so much for the dictation exercise!! It’s very helpful for me to be able to listen and then read what they said 😁


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  3. Hi! I’m Jessica Lee who used to be the Korean teacher of the segment. Thanks for writing such a nice post about Real Life Korean! Currently, I’m not the Korean teacher anymore, but just wanted to let you know that I came up with all the dialogues on the segment. Therefore, it’s no wonder you couldn’t find the dialogues online. However, as far as I know they provide you with daily scripts on tbsenglish.com, so I suggest you check out the website! Thanks for the great review.

    Liked by 1 person

    • 😮 Wow, Jessica Lee 선생님, it’s such an honor to get a comment from you! Thank you for leaving a comment here and giving a detailed explanation. I hope you don’t mind I quoted your scripts/dialogues on my blog. I love your season of Real Life Korean because the conversations you wrote taught how to use the difficult Korean expressions, and I’m still listening to the old episodes on podcasts. 수고하셨습니다. Thank you for all your hard work. On the show, you mentioned you were a translator for news. I wish all the best for your future endeavors.


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