Got Free E-book from Talk To Me In Korean


Yay! Thank you, CTW & TTMIK!

I won a coupon for Talk To Me In Korean e-book just by posting one Korean sentence using the keyword on Catch The Wave’s message board last November (Hey Korean Mission). Today they finally sent me the prize. I didn’t care that much because thought I was going to get something like 10% discount, but no, I actually got to pick 1 e-book for free. Wow!

I chose Real-Life Conversations – Learn Korean through natural conversations in 40 different situations (with audio/mp3 files) – Intermediate Level $12.99. (

It’s basically a conversation book for intermediate level, with English translation, translation exercises, and audio files. I’m satisfied with my choice. I also found out that I didn’t have to make a PayPal account to shop there. I’m eyeing Survival Korean for my next read. ###


2 thoughts on “Got Free E-book from Talk To Me In Korean

  1. Wow, that’s amazing! Talk to me in Korean is one of the reasons I’m so prone to learn to language, they’re just awesome! I wish there was something similar for Mandarin Chinese ._.


    • TTMIK is great.
      I start to think that the only criteria to win a weekly present from Hey Korean is that you’ve never won before so there’s a big chance to win if you send a Korean sentence (even a wrong one).
      When I googled, I found so many free courses for Chinese in English that I got overwhelmed. But you’re right, maybe they’re not as ‘complete’ as TTMIK’s curriculum.

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