Koreascape Today – 낭송

The radio hosts on tbs eFM Koreascape – Real Life Korean discussed an article in Korean about Korean literature.

I googled and found the original article here:
NYT “한강 소설 깊은 울림 있고, 아름다우면서 급진적” http://www.munhwa.com/news/view.html?no=2017013101072939179001
(NYT “Han Kang’s novel has deep resonance, beautiful and also radical”)

The part they read:

31일 문학계에 따르면 배수아의 장편 ‘서울의 낮은 언덕들’이 영문명 ‘낭송’(Recitation)으로 지난24일 미국 온라인 대형서점인 아마존닷컴에 번역 출간돼 인기 순위에 진입했다.

한강도 지난해 맨부커 인터내셔널부문 수상작인 ‘채식주의자’(The Vegetarian)에 이어 지난 17일 ‘소년이 온다’(Human Acts)를 번역 출간했다. 번역은 역시 데버러 스미스가 했다.

이 책은 출간 즉시 뉴욕타임스 등으로부터 호평을 받았다.

According to Literary World, the English version of Bae Suah (배수아)’s full-length novel 서울의 낮은 언덕들 (Seoul’s low hills), with English title ‘Recitation’ became one of the popular books on Amazon.com on January 24th.

Han Kang (한강) whose novel The Vegetarian (채식주의자) won Man Booker Prize – International Category, released English version of her book Human Acts (소년이 온다/the boy is coming) on January 17. Also translated by Deborah Smith.

As soon as it was released, this book got rave review on New York Times, etc.


Literature. 문학. Not my cup of tea.

The word 낭송 (recitation) is new to me. How do you use it in conversation? Let’s check Korean – English Learners’ Dictionary: 낭송 http://me2.do/x9o0SYVE


One star is ‘advanced’, two is ‘intermediate’, three is ‘basic’ level.

가: 민준이가 이번 시 낭송 대회에서 우승을 했대.
They said Minjun won poetry recitation competition this time.

나: 민준이는 목소리도 좋고 시를 잘 읽으니까 우승할 만해.
Minjun has good voice and good at reading poetry. He deserves to win.



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