Meaning of Korean Slang 아아 and 시선 강탈

From ‘Hey Korean’ on Arirang Radio today. I found the definition of the 2 Korean slang they taught on the Korean open dictionary 우리말 샘

아아 means ‘iced Americano’, from 아이스 아메리카노.

시선 강탈 means ‘to grab people’s attention’, from 시선 (attention, gaze) and 강탈 (robbery).

I found a tweet about Jimin and Jin (Bangtan Boys) using the word 시선 강탈.

방탄소년단 지민-진 ‘등장만으로 시선 강탈’.
Jimin and Jin grabbed people’s attention just by appearing.

I actually sent 3 messages for the segment but they didn’t read any. Oh well… 뭐 괜찮아~ 그런 날도 있지. ###

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