Korean Radio Drama – KBS 라디오 극장

I’ve just finished listening to an episode of KBS 무대 (radio drama in Korean) and reading the script (available on the official website). The title is 한 달만 사랑할게! (I’ll love you for a month only!). Listen to it here: http://www.podbbang.com/ch/6706

I was a little annoyed about the ending but I enjoyed listening to the voice actors because they say things with a lot of emotions. I thought, wow, these radio actors are really good at crying, so convincing. The radio drama itself is only about 1 hour but it took me days to finish it. I looked up 298 words (Korean Learners’ Dictionary was very helpful https://krdict.korean.go.kr/eng), but I decided that I wanted to memorize only 137 new words from the drama. I still remember those words right now, but the problem is whether I can move them from my short-term to my long-term memory (repetition -before I forget- is key).


KBS 라디오 극장

There is another radio drama program from KBS, called 라디오 극장 (Radio Theater). But it’s not ‘a different story every time’ kind of drama like KBS 무대. It’s a long drama series with many episodes (the last one had 31 episodes). A new episode is updated daily, each one is 30 minutes long, and the full script is available on the official website.

라디오 극장 http://www.kbs.co.kr/radio/scr/theater/replay__/index.html

The radio program can be listened to on the official website and also
wherever podcasts exist, for example, here: http://www.podbbang.com/ch/8800

I never tried to learn new words from 라디오 극장 because… it’s just too long… for me. But maybe I’ll try, one of these days.

I think the actors’ voices make the reading experience so much better, compared to just reading the Korean sentences by myself without voices of native speakers reading them to me. They make me remember better that 안주인 (the owner’s wife) is pronounced [안쭈인] or 승격 (job promotion) is pronounced [승껵] and it’s interesting to listen to how they say things that will not appear in a textbook, like 네 머리는 돌이야? (are you stupid?). ###

6 thoughts on “Korean Radio Drama – KBS 라디오 극장

  1. Hello 안녕하세요 반가워요.
    I have a question, perhaps are you living in Jakarta?
    If yes would you mind to help me study Korean? I’ve been studying Korean steadily for 4 years but I think my skill haven’t improved yet . Thankyou


    • 안녕하세요. 댓글 고맙습니다. 저는 자카르타말고 브카시에서 살고 있는데요. 저는 그냥 독학으로 한국어를 배우고 있는 사람인데 저보다도 KCC에서 공부하거나 한국인 친구랑 말하기 연습을 많이 하시는 게 좋을 것 같지 않아요?


    • 그렇군요. 혹시 대학교에서 한국어를 공부하시나요? 저는 매일 짬을 내서 집에서 혼자 공부하거든요. Fakhriani 씨는 저보다 좋은 환경에 계시는 것 같아요.


  2. my major is japanese literature, before I have a korean teacher, but due to my academic grade i leave my korean course ><, because i still have a few weeks before the holiday end, i want to study korean. I think koreanvitamin more expert than me 🙂 좋은 친구를 만날 수 있고 같이이 공부하면 좋은 것 같아요.


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