My Korean Sentence Using the Word 꿈 (Dream)

Hey Korean Mission this week:

February 15

*Make your own Korean sentence using the word “꿈”(dream) (noun).

ex) 내 꿈은 간호사가 되는 것이다.
My dream is to become a nurse.

ex) 꿈 속에서 연예인을 만났다.
*** I met a celebrity in a dream.

One lucky winner who sends in their own Korean sentence will get a <‘Talk to Me in Korean’ e-book coupon>.
*All prizes are provided by “Talk To Me In Korean”

If you have any questions about Korean send them in now! 🙂
Go ahead and post them on our message board!

This is the sentence I sent in:

박재민 DJ는 SNS에서 자신의 완벽한 복근을 노출한 사진을 공개해서 여성 팬들은 이게 만 같다고 좋아했다.
DJ Jae Min Park shared a photo on social media in which he exposed his perfect abs and female fans loved it saying it was like a dream.

Song: It’s Like a Dream (꿈만 같아요) by Fat Cat (살찐 고양이). ###


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