Korean Made Easy in Indonesian


Korean Made Easy – Starter in Indonesian, published by Grasindo (Indonesia)


Price: 114,000 rupiah


CD (mp3 files)


Korean Made Easy – For Beginners in Indonesian, published by Grasindo (Indonesia)


Price: 153,000 rupiah


CD (1 pdf file for key phrases & mp3 files)

PDF bonus

Bonus PDF file

PDF bonus inside

PDF file, first page, Indonesian

PDF bonus inside 2

PDF file, 2nd page, Korean

I went to Gramedia bookstore in Bekasi for the first time after many months and found that the two Korean textbooks of Korean Made Easy book series, originally published by Darakwon (South Korea), had been translated into Indonesian.

The books are in full-color, they look fun to learn with, the page layouts and fonts are neat and easy to read, just like the original ones. I was so excited that I bought them both. I don’t live in Korea, I can always use refreshers. It is still hard to find a good enough Korean textbook for beginners in Indonesian language and the Darakwon books are perfect for self-studying. ###


5 thoughts on “Korean Made Easy in Indonesian

  1. Dear Admin..

    Hello Admin.. i’ve bought that book too, but i got wrong CD for “Korean Made Easy For Beginners” the CD was same with “Korean Made Easy For Starter”. Could you help me to send the content of CD “Korean Made Easy For Beginners” via email to me? 🙏🙏 🙇🙇 :’)

    Thank you very much..

    Best Regards,
    Wanti (onetea25@gmail.com)


    • Hi, great that you are learning Korean! You picked up an excellent book if you want to slowly ease yourself into Korean on your own.

      It is a pity the CD got mixed up, however, you can always download the MP3 files from the Darakwon website. However, downloading it might be a hassle as that website relies on obsolete internet technology. To download it you will need to use Internet Explorer in compatibility mode.

      Anyway, here is the link where you can download the MP3 files of Korean Made Easy for Beginners (English): http://www.darakwon.co.kr/koreanbooks/BookView.aspx?BookID=42

      I hope this helped you!


  2. That’s a great book for any person who wants to learn Korean on their own. It is well structured, it explains only what is necessary for each chapter and it never overwhelms you with too much information. I used it as my first real textbook (in English) and I can say I never regretted it.


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