King Sejong Institute – PopPopping Korean for Beginners

Hi! I want to introduce a Korean language course for beginners on King Sejong Institute called PopPopping Korean.

If you go the King Sejong Institute’s official website you will see many banners for Korean language courses, just pick the one that says PopPopping Korean.


Click 학습하기 to start learning!

학습하기 means ‘learning/studying’, so just click 학습하기 to start learning! A new tab will open, and it looks like this:


This will open in a new tab.

You can learn new words, expression, and grammars through short animation, quizzes, and even record your own voice and practice speaking Korean.

I think the contents are really interesting and addictive for people who have just started learning Korean.


I learned something new.

I always thought 정신이 없어요 is what you use to say ‘I’m so busy that I cant think right’, but I was wrong because the sample sentence actually says 별로 안 바쁘지만 정신이 없어요 (I’m NOT busy but my mind is not relaxed… or something like that).

And there’s even app so you learn Korean on your mobile device! PopPopping Korean for Android on Google Play


Google Play

I actually haven’t tried the app but it seems that you can start learning from how to read hangul!

If you prefer to just watch videos, here are some on YouTube:

That’s all! ###

[Free Korean Textbooks] Read Korean Textbooks from “King Sejong Institute” Online


Korean textbooks on Sejong Institute’s website

Read Korean textbooks for free: including “Korean Grammar Dictionary for Foreigners 2 – Usage” (외국인을 위한 한국어 문법2 용법편). You need to register first (it’s easy and free).


Other than textbooks, there are also a lot of free Korean lessons available on the site. ###

Learn Easy Korean Phrases on YouTube (한국어 한마디)

You can learn easy, short, and useful Korean phrases on King Sejong Institute’s YouTube channel.

The explanation is entirely in Korean (but there are hangul text) and the female narrator speaks slowly so it feels like having your own native Korean teacher. Oh, and there is romanization for the short conversations.

Here are some of the latest episodes:
Episode 43. 낯이 익어요.(nachi igeoyo.)= You look familiar.

Episode 42. 길이 너무 막혀요.(giri neomu makyeoyo.)= The road is jammed with traffic.

Search for the word 한국어 한마디 (=short Korean expressions) on the channel ( for more episodes, but this is the playlist for episode 1 – 37. ###